Love & Nappiness

Right now, more 120 refugee children in Vial Camp on the island of Chios in Greece, are being forced to go without fresh nappies.

Everyone appreciates being a parent can be difficult; the never-ending laundry, picky eaters and sibling in-fighting to name a few. But for refugee families, their challenges are much more serious. One of the most significant challenges for these mothers can be the ability to provide basic healthcare items for their babies and children such as nappies. New-borns use up to 2000 nappies in their first year, making nappies one of the largest ongoing costs of raising a young family, adding additional pressures and stress to those experiencing crisis.

As part of Refugee Week, from 17 to 21 June, Refugee Compassion is calling on families across Aylesbury Vale to address this significant need. Through either the donation of nappies or contributing financially towards our appeal. This will provide vital material aid and help “share the nappiness” to those in need.

Becky Snaith, Chair of Refugee Compassion says:

“Refugee Compassion would like to respond to this difficult situation on the Greek islands by sending at least 20,000 nappies.”

“If there are any families out there that have packs of nappies that their babies have grown out of or even part packs we would be grateful to receive them.”

Donations of nappies can be dropped of at Aylesbury Vineyard Church, or by contacting us at